Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Cassandra Report: The Future Issue (cont.)

Three times a year The Intelligence Group publishes The Cassandra Report®, an in-depth look into the lives of 14-34 year old consumers. It’s a comprehensive understanding of emerging trends across a broad range of topics, including technology, entertainment, fashion, spending, marketing, attitudes and consumer products. (sorry guys...looks like today is all about the ladies. I'll post something manly soon. *grunt, grunt* I promise.)

FASHION TRENDS: NEXT (this means "up-and-coming")

ALTERNATIVE SIZING SYSTEMS: Fit is extremely important when it comes to fashion, yet many consumers don’t fit perfectly into existing sizing systems. To cater to a wider array of shapes and sizes, apparel will begin to incorporate additional body measurements, such as bra size, derriere size, thigh size, arm length, and shoulder width. Newly launched Rebecca & Drew Manufacturing produces button-down shirts for women that incorporate bra sizes into their shirt sizes. Notify Denim’s Body Sculpt Jean features three curve sizes, similar to bra cup sizing, to cater to a more pronounced “curve” in the derriere. Expect to see items featuring additional sizing elements or new sizing systems to satisfy a diverse consumer base.

MULTI-STYLE APPAREL: By adding customizable features and removable parts to existing apparel, designers will enable shoppers to get more than one look out of just one piece of clothing. Brands such as Radcliffe Denim feature hidden buttonholes in the side seams of each leg, allowing wearers to insert a cufflink to create short and long versions of the jean. Expect to see more brands feature removable parts and a set of replacement parts, as well as adjustable lengths to create multiple silhouettes.


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